Memorials & Donations

Please remember the Parks and Recreation program and facilities. Your gift can be a lasting memory by helping build the Parks and Recreation system for future generations. The gifts are tax deductible. We have numerous projects planned that are in need of funding. If you would like to make a donation/ memorial please contact the Parks and Recreation office.

PO Box 122



Camping/ pool


For weather related cancellations, please check for updates on our Facebook page, website, or on KXPO 1340 AM

Program Registration Deadlines:

​​Gymnastics Camp: July 1st

Soccer Camp: August 1st

Swimming Lessons will be canceled today (6-21​​) due to the rain. We will reschedule for Friday (6-23).

​Golf Lessons will remain the same. Meet at the Fair Oaks Clubhouse.

Family and Daycare Season Pool Passes are available at the Grafton Parks & Recreation office (715 West 5th Street).


715 West 5th Street, Grafton, ND 58237, USA

*A Processing Fee will be charged to all Credit Card Transactions at an average of 3%

To avoid the transaction fee, register at the Grafton Parks & Recreation Office located at 715 West 5th Street or send a filled out registration form with payment to PO Box 122.