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To avoid the transaction fee, register at the Grafton Parks & Recreation Office located at 715 West 5th Street or send a filled out registration form with payment to PO Box 122.

  • Archery, Air Rifle, Pop, and Canoe/ Kayaking

    There is a North Dakota 4-H form that has to be signed before anyone can participate in this program.  The 4-H form is available at the Grafton Parks and Rec Office. The waiver form must be returned before the start date of this program.

10u:  Ages 9-10

12u: Ages 11-12

Older age groups will be added if there is interest.

  • T-ball: Ages 5 – 6: Will learn the fundamentals of hitting and playing the game.
  • 8U: Ages 7 – 8
  • 10U: Ages 9 – 10
  • 12U: Ages 11 – 12
  • Baberuth: Ages 13 – 15 
  • A: Ages 3 & up. Getting kids used to the water, basic bobbing, and floating and kicking all with assistance.
  • B: Learns to independently do different floats. They will learn to submerge underwater and get objects in shallow water. 
  • C: This group starts learning different types of strokes and kicks. They are more independent swimmers but still need to be directed. Can do different types of floats independently for longer periods of time.
  • D, E: These groups are more advanced and have established the basic skills, strokes, and floats. They will be working on advanced techniques, such as treading water, getting objects from the deep end, and advanced strokes.  
  • Snow Plow Sam: Ages 4 years old through Pre-school in the current year. This is for children who are just trying to figure out how to stay up on their skates! They will learn how to move in small movements. They will learn the basics of skating, stopping and staying up!​
  • Basic Skills: For kids in Kindergarten (current year) and up. They can stand up, and get to different areas independently. This group will understand the fundamentals of skating, stopping and how they need to move to get from one place to the next.
  • Basic Skills Bridge program: The Basic Skills Bridge Program is a way for basic skills skaters (must have passed Basic 1) to develop their skating skills during one-one-one lessons with a coach and to compete at Basic Skills competitions in the area.
  • Private Advanced: Private advanced is for skaters who are working towards taking tests through USFSA and who compete at various competitions in the region.
  •  Beginners: Basic putting, chipping, and driving skills. Small competitions to work on skills.
  • ​Advanced: Develops stronger putting, chipping, and driving skills along with course management.
  • Preschool – Grade 5
  • Participants will learn the fundamentals of soccer such as: passing, receiving, and shooting! They will be able to enjoy playing games and having fun.
  • Tiny Tots: 3 yrs old to pre school
  • Silver Kindergarten to 3rd grade
  • Gold 4th grade to 12th grade.

Memorials & Donations

Please remember the Parks and Recreation program and facilities. Your gift can be a lasting memory by helping build the Parks and Recreation system for future generations. The gifts are tax deductible. We have numerous projects planned that are in need of funding. If you would like to make a donation/ memorial please contact the Parks and Recreation office.

Program main communication/updates are through our website/email & Facebook.